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BAK KUT KING -O/B Red Apple Foods Limited a restaurant by Entrepreneur /Hotelier Diwan Chopra Amit

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“BAK KUT King is in the heart of Hong Kong , this elegant townhouse restaurant serves Malay , Singaporean & Thai food that’s full of heart, elegance and tradition. Inspired by Country vast and rich heritage and wildlife,BUK KUT KING offers Lunch & Diners the opportunity to enjoy traditional flavours in refined dishes alongside cocktails and a wine list full of rare finds.”

Bak KUT King Restaurant was established over Ten years ago, Restaurant space. With long tables, cosy and inviting lighting, this space is particularly popular with groups of up to 40 guests due to its intimate atmosphere. So whether it’s for a quiet catch-up with friends and family, or a more jovial affair, booking is a great choice. the Restaurant view comes complete with its own bar and street-views which are perfect for people-watching, and gazing out watching the world goes by.

Bak Kut teh is a pork rib dish, one of the most popular dishes from Malaysia and Singapore. It touches the heart of people with its flavour filled broth of herbs and spices in which are the meaty pork ribs. Our restaurant bak but king aims to bring the flavours of Malaysian food to the streets of Hong Kong. We bring together dishes from all over Malaysia such as Nasi Lemak, Nasi Goreng and of course Bak Kut Teh. Our aim is to specialise in this mouth-watering pork rib soup dish to offer our customers the best taste of Klang, Malaysia, in the heart of Hong Kong.

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    Bone-Bone Emperor Hong Kong, I believe that in order to meet the taste of Hong Kong people, it is less than the left-handed medicinal herbs in Malaysia, so it is a strong taste, a large fine rock can drink, after taste back to Gan!

    The Malayan stir-fry dish is also a special dish. There are 5 kinds of speculations on the menu. I have chosen the most special features of the left. The degree of cooking will be oily, the stems and leaves will be half, and a small amount of pepper will taste.

    Soya So

    The pig’s hand is well-prepared, but it is really good, the meat is distinct, the skin is crispy and tender, and the pig’s hand is specially prepared with the sauce, and the D pork flavor is dried out.

    Indonesian fried rice is worth a big share! Star horse dishes are sweet, fried rice is the exception, sweet sauce plus each full of rice, Zhongtong seafood fried a dish, add only fried mouth, fried match, perfect match .

    Portia Cheung

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